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Zombie Apocalypse Update


Over the last couple of weeks, we have overhauled Zombie Apocalypse and made a bunch of updates!

Take a look here:

And then go test it out and leave some feedback!


Bring back opsg

Also, supply drops make it pay to win :frowning:


Maybe in the arcade server… it did not have enough players to be its own gametype though.

I never win with supply drops :thinking:

BH Blitz!

There’s going to be an arcade server??




Woah woah hang on, is it going to be an arcade server?








Will oitc be moved to the arcde server istead of having it as it’s own separate ganemode?


Also will bh blitz ever get it’s own server? Or will it just be that one match on the bounty Hunter server? In my opinion bh blitz is a great minigame, and it would seem like a waste if it isn’t fully released as it’s own game.


What will the new minigame be? Thanks for the new updates! I love them.


Yay dishrex first topic




that profile pic tho


You should totally add spleef or tnt run


This is very interesting.