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Your forum experience?


Hey guys,

I was going to do an official thread for this on the scheduled date with a cool name and all that, but I realized the forums has been spiraling in activity - every activity metric I’ve checked is deep in the red - with no sign of an end so I figured I’d get this up while there were still some old regulars around.

So yeah - what has your guy’s experience here been? Feel free to share your whole story - memories, old drama you remember, juicy gossip from 2017 - anything. It doesn’t need to be fully positive, but I figured you guys would all want to share your forum stories before it all ended.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.



Little history of mine:
First year in the forums (Excel and RatchetWho) I was childish, salty and a big liar. 2nd year in the forums(EKSDIIGAMING AND 3 TYPES OF ROMERO) I gradually made some friends like Silhouette, Hawlucha, Ultramarine (Dagger), and the list goes on. 3rd year in the forums (GTROMERO27), here I am, a very serious, salty heavy memer who is currently listening to Billie Eillish. Yeah, somewhere like that.

2017 - Diamonder Excel incident, Ratchexcel Incident
2018 - DabbingMero incident, EKSDII DinoRiver incident
2019 - NeonVampire incident

How the forums influenced me:

  1. I did not know how to properly draw before, thnx to Chaiya and some other well known forum comic makers, I can draw both digitally and paper and pen.
  2. Adjusting is one thing I learned here. At least I know now how to adjust myself during serious and funny cases.
  3. Gained new friends that I did not expect to have.
  4. Learned How to communicate properly
  5. Learned to help the someone in something…
  6. Learned how to regularly check on something

Over all, that was a learning and fun experience after staying for 2 years here. I was not expecting to stay here longer than usual. Actually, this forum is a very unique one. It felt like home actually. I wanna say, thank you so much for the wonderful memories here.

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As for myself -

I’ve been here for over 2 and a half years, and the forums was probably the first online community I really stuck around and participated in. It’s been a pretty wild ride and I’d like to thank everyone for the memories.

2017 was probably the most eventful year for me - getting to know everyone, forming most of my friendships, and yes, joining in on the juicy drama (2017 me was not a good role model). I remember the days of the Member and Basic Lounge - for those wondering, it was a group DM, and no you don’t want to know what went on inside it - as well as Diamonder, and that thing that Silhouette did that we mods don’t like to talk about. Sometimes I wonder if those were the good old days or if it’s just nostalgia talking, but it sure seemed like a fun time. From the forums I picked up general internet behaviour knowledge, started listening to music based off what everyone else was talking about, and met a lot of great people. Also, I was exposed to dem dank memez for the first time but that’s not really important.

2018 was probably the best year though. Early in the year I got a chance to join the moderation team, and I did my best with sorting out forum reports and dealing with drama - believe me, it’s not quite as fun when you’re the one trying to put it out - and of course just participating in the community.

2019 has been a bit of a bittersweet year. I kicked off the new year with a new position as the Lead Forum Moderator, and suddenly I had a real say in what we did on the forums. Working with Serenity, we wrote up a lot of guides, and while I added new themes and integrations she came up with a lot community engagement ideas. In general we tried to spruce up the forums, but I guess it wasn’t enough to save the sinking ship, because now we’re here. I had a lot of stuff I still wanted to add and some ideas for future forum events, but alas they’ll never come to be. But, to borrow a movie quote - “part of the journey is the end”.

In general, the forums was the first home of sorts I found online. It had and has a unique kind of community, and I don’t think I’ll ever see anything else quite like it again.

I just want to say thanks for everyone that was part of my forum experience, and here’s to a great final two and a half weeks of the forums!



I don’t really have the most interesting story, but I joined May 2018, and my first post was about a Creative mode build completion. Even to this day, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. And then there was the whole PoPzQ incident (previous mod). Then a while after that, I left the forums; still not exactly sure why. Then I joined the forums again, and, not much has happened after that. But this is a very good community.



The forum was a mess as soon as it started. Yeah, I know it’s not what you want to hear, but hear me out.

Drama has always been a thing here, it’s been persistent. Ever since this discourse part of the forum drama was a natural thing here. There were 2 huge drama incidents in 2016 that changed the community, one of which lasted through 2017. Around that time, some overcast Member came here and ranted on like, everything. It kind of made people feel like they are allowed to state negative opinions about lifeboat without being executed from now on, lol? Then there was the diamonder incident that I took part on, he even had me make a topic regarding him. I miss the guy but I admit I shouldn’t have took part in that. Now the Ratchet incident I never really cared about. Yeah, I was there when it happened but I wasn’t in the core of the drama. I know I didn’t forget anything else, but I rather not say anything more to recreate old drama.

In my opinion, this place has always been full of negativity and pessimism, it wasn’t ever a nice place to come to. Some times I felt like I was in some cage or something because I always came back to it. It was the only real online community I was apart of. Did I like it? It was an experience I will learn from in the future, I will put it like that. It will feel somewhat weird once this place is gone but at least then I will know I am more free. Sorry if this wasn’t the opinion you were expecting from an old forum member.



Yes. Who doesnt.



I think you covered the negative side of it really well. As a forum mod I got see the nasty dramatic side of things a lot and even before that there was a lot of drama. Maybe that’s what drew people in, maybe people found all that fun, but I can certainly say it’s something to learn from. I do think it was a bit more balanced than that though - some good, some bad, more one way or the other depending on who you ask.



Not much I can remember in terms of all you you guys, but I have my milestones:
April 2016: Came to the forums, being curious about the happenings in game, decided to hang around because the (now MIA) people has some interesting topics to spend time with. Also it was the time where I made first contact with Storm, ZombieSlayer, Wes and Jacob the following months
July 2016: I suggested some Halloween ideas for the lobby. Too bad it hasn’t been done up till then. But if it was, it warms me inside
October 2016: I created this topic. It was one accomplishment I had because bsfore this was locked, I got recruited via DM by Kebab into the team. At that time also, I got hooked by another game, Terraria, making it harder to keep up with Minecraft during the time
June 2017: This topic I created sparked me in making stories to pass ghe time
October 2017: Some Terrarian cosplay featuring some people in the forums
November 2017: My first tale featuring you guys in some mischiefs. Second part of it, same year. Third part, same year. Final part
January 2018: My first story created. Didn’t stop since
October 2018: My second story featuring you guys. First part. Second part. Third part
November 2018: This happens
February 2019: Another one, describing a few people of the forums.Might trying to finish the second part of it, if I had the chance. Also the time I decided to retire from the team
March 2019: Decided to create a few builds, even retracing a few from another game. First build. Second build. Third build. Fourth build
April 2019: My (maybe) final story made to the forums before being shut down

I may not remember all those drama and whatnot happening during those milestone, but it exists and I won’t forget it



this is where i became a memelord

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I’m just here to report rule breakers.



@NeonVampire64 Awww c’mon. I was reading how I can bother hamsocks…



It was a fun time



This place was addicting and a fantastic distraction.

However, this place ended up being too much of a distraction, as I let it take away from my actual social life and my schooling. And besides, I don’t remember any drama past a week, I’ve frequently inactive, and I’ve never been a REAl part of this community. My whole existence here has been somewhat passed over with the exception of a few people. I’m sure most people just know my username and that’s it. Similar to real life, where people only know my name and that’s it. That’s all they need to know. Granted, I never really made an effort to communicate with people through here and that’s most of the issue.

That’s not saying I didn’t enjoy my time here, of course. Over my few years I enjoyed many laughs, enjoyed watching the community blow up in flames occasionally, And while I never considered myself a contributing member of the forums, god it’s fun being a spectator. It’s fun not having to have input on major discussions and see people get fired up over the smallest of things.

TL;DR This was just a huge distraction from life. This place served no real purpose to me aside from some friendly banter and a major distraction from plaguing thoughts and my responsibilities.



My experience wasn’t much of fun.

I’m not going to state all things as some needs to stay confidential due to reasons, that wouldn’t be disclosed.

First, when I came on the forums was to simply report someone, I wasn’t aware of what moderator really is, who is who and what’s this server about, I was blindfolded back when I was new, I was just playing, I didn’t even cared about/payed attention to rule violators and persisted playing the game.

It was Samsak1 who really brought me here to the LifeBoat discord and my first imperssion on there was worse than you can imagine. Basically, there was something in between me, Apple, Sam and Chaiya, of course. At that time, my english was like Non-Exsisting and so was my maturness.

I once got permanently banned of Sam’s discord and blocked from Sam, I came on LifeBoat discord sever starting making drama and started incentivizing everyone to not to trust Sam and block him, it was hilarious that I recall what I was doing at that time and even cringe at it, I even got my 1st ever warning from Paul for saying an unseemly word. And well, the drama stopped eventually when I got a bit tired of it.

Then later in 2018, I met this lady Ellie (Not sprinkle) and she pretty much introduce me to CTF13 fam members and I still was pretty immature at that time, but my english was getting improvments slowley.
Then I had dispute with ellie over me flagging in CTF. Ok, I’m gonna cut a huge part of this thing, because it was extremely toxic

I then showed my interest in being an In-Game moderator at LifeBoat for some evident reasons, that you already know, banning cheaters, that really was my main reason to become an In-Game moderator.

I started working on my application and my 1st application was made in 10 mins, you can imagine how short would it be.

I wasn’t the equilibrium person, clearly. So, I Direct messaged Ultra (When he was a lead) to check my application and… You know how it went.

I persisted making short applications which was a straight up denial, I didn’t know that time.

So, here I admit right now and here to everyone. One day, I got really tired of making applications and getting repudiated everytime, so I gone to HaleyWolf and asked her assistance on my application and at first she gave me a few tips, but that didn’t worked out so well because my English was really bad. And, she did prepared my application which when I submitted I got accepted for it. Later, Brandon kicked me after 2 days because he knew I copied my application.

I quit playing LifeBoat, because of my 1st removal from the team.

Me being a fabulist to Brandon, I spammed Brandon’s dm just to prove myself correct, but well that didn’t worked.

Later when I did got a bit mature, I thought why not apply now again? I came in October to apply again and… Got repudiated. I wasn’t really sad though. I tried again in November, got accepted during my exam day and so may not know, My first priorities Was being a volunteer instead of exams. While I should have been antithetical. But I did made a topic about why I got kicked 2nd time lol. When I was appealing, Dave told me I was kicked because I wasn’t mature enough as a volunteer should really be.

So… I quitted LifeBoat forever thinking I would never achieve my true goal and started being toxic, I mean extremely toxic.

I came back in January 2019, made topics about my removal, then I felt like, let’s just give it a one last chance, I messaged Brandon asking If I can re-apply, but instead of saying yes or no, he said “I would highly suggest appealing” I was so shocked to see Brandon giving me an different answer.

He told me to add 2 other leads, Dave and Kale. After adding them I elucidated why I created this group and ask them to give me a bit of time to prepare my appeal after an hour I submitted my appeal and Kale added me in the team again.

After being added I face multitudinous issues and well… (Gotta cut this part too)

Then, I engaged in forums activities and created a topic where all former volunteer came back and started ranting about the server, I made another topic, which I would like to keep the title confidential because it got unlisted later, so that topic was created to give an elucidation of how hard volunteers do work and trying to ameliorate the sever from its current state. In that topic, I missed a little part and that’s where me and Remero started our quarrels it goes on and on till the Dave announced about the forum closure, we are now good, we don’t have any disputes over anything.

I relish forums when there are normal topics, where everyone is putting their friendly verdicts and doesn’t cause any debates over it.

I really do hope instead of forums getting remove, we can give you the assurance of not creating in drama. After all its because of our grumbles over many things makes thing worse and take away what we once loved, sometimes I wish we hadn’t complain much over everything so things had stayed nomally.

Thank you for reading.

It was fun meeting you all.

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Who is Remero? Jkjk yeah, it’s all good now, Mr. Stark.



When I became active the forums was a calm place, my optimism spammed topics.



came for minecraft stayed for the community



I do not have anything positive to say so



Then don’t say anything?



I won’t