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You’ve made a grave mistake, Lifeboat


Why did you remove original and 30v30 from CTF? This is making a lot of people apoplectic, and this is kind of upsetting. You really removed original? The map that literally everyone loves? The first map that existed here. Is it because of the never ending game glitch that you guys somehow were able to fix in 2016? Congratulations, all you did was prove our point on removing your problems rather than fixing them. And on top of that, you removed 30v30, which we suggested over a year ago, and actually did get added. Is this a glitch? What’s going on? Why are you doing this? I want answers please.


Hey Killian,

Could you please provide a little more information? What gamemode was this? When was it removed? Lifeboat aims to provide a fun friendly playing environment, and we take all suggestions into consideration.

Kind Regards,


@Hazard_DutchAD It was the new update and they intentionally removed Original from CTF.

@Killian I’ve requested for one of our staff members/administrators to answer to this post as I do not know myself as to why they removed both features.


Wait, they removed the Original map?
Oh, that’s shocking.
Though, I’m sure they have a clear explanation.


Hehe, you’d be surprised.


I mean,
Unless they’re just abusing.
They’d have a clear explanation,
One thing for sure, they didn’t remove it because there were no players.