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"You may not build in the void" (CTF)


Along with a new wool interface for capture the flag, the update that doesnt allow players to ‘build in the void’ has been added. I’m not sure what the cause for this update could be, but its definately been annoying plenty of players along with myself. Clutching was a very helpful thing when it came to surviving a push into the void, especially for players who carried the flag, but now this update doesnt allow that anymore and players will have no other choice but to let themselves fall. When games turn out to be long ones players like to use the extended amount of time to build and enjoy themselves. Many players would build small platforms in the void, floating houses and more, but of course, now this cannot be enjoyed and trying to place blocks in the void is futile. When it comes to bridging you are obviously going to choose an open space to bridge in, but due to this update some spots where players would usually bridge over have been forbidden from block placing. Again, I have no idea why this update had been implemented but many players would be happier if it was removed.


If any staff or mods (or you in general) know why this update has been added please tell me, thanks :slight_smile: