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Yo what's poppin' it's ICDTS07 here!


Introduce yourself to the community! Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, we want to get to know you! Please include your ign in the title.

Hello, sorry if I’m late but I forgot to do this and ICDTS07 is my Xbox name (Have to pay nearly £8 to change my Gamertag in the UK for a 2nd time)
and yeah, I adore cats, dogs, gaming etc.

I do know not to bump into topics over 1 month old but I may do it by mistake. I have Autism, ADHD and PTSD. I had a bad childhood when I was a young child. I’m a teenager now.

Please note I also do make lot’s of mistakes including typos liek thos (like this but in Typonese [SIKE!]).

I don’t talk on Xbox because I am not allowed due to parental controls. I adore Minecraft, Pokémon etc.

I have a YT channel! Here’s the link:



Hello! Well the mistakes u did will be improved! Anyways there will always be a date on the idk right side of ur screen so take look around a topic and it will say: (month) and (day) so of a topic is 30 day or older is old so if u think its old, then dont post but if u see somone last post and its few days ago like lets say its 29 days, u may reply still.

Remember. When u do mistakes, set a smart goal where u wont next time and learn from them. :slight_smile:



awww thx! You are so kind! :blush:



Welcome to the forums!

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thx, I did this late

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My bad :rofl: welcome anyways!

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Its okay, i was late too lol, Introduced myself once when 1 moth passed and I even introduced myself again! No worries :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will



Welcome aboard my friend! We are very pleased to have you as part of the Lifeboat community :lifeboat:

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Happy Lifeboating :lifeboat:

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thx! :lifeboat:

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@RealUprisingYT Anytime! If you wanna ever talk, just shoot me a DM! It’s always open to new people :+1:

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ok then