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Why cuz lifeboat is nothing


Again I keeo getting disapointed. Sg is and other game is soo boring like I suggested a idea but devs don’t like it like can you guys not set a timer for 30 minutes of a user being afk and if somone does not move, they get kicked like this causes so much lag since u devs don’t care about it, also I keep getting kicked when using spectator mode wince there is a Crappy lag and that’s because of how lbsg is heavy game for my device to run and plus, Fix this!!! Why cant we all spawn in a room like bedrock so my character does not glitch cuz anti cheat is a poop since idc, anti cheat is very stupid.

Also what is 5+1? Cuz clearly antichrist thinks 1+1=0

Make a small hub for users in spectator cuz I keep on getting kicked and have to log, 3,000,980,098 times due to my hell lag.


Plus PoopyHead0000 in minecraft keeps spamming invites and no one knows how to block people.


Did you get the actual Minecraft game yet or are you still using a third party app? If you are that’s probably part of the issue. The developers do care about making the gamemodes better and just because they haven’t implemented a suggestion you have made doesn’t mean they don’t like it. I can’t say for sure what they are working on right now, but I know we have been pushing them to spend more time fixing bugs, which they have been doing. Making the changes you have suggested would take a lot of time for them to do.


That would be an issue with the Minecraft game, nothing to do with Lifeboat. I have direct contact with Mojang employees (by direct I mean email to their Mojang accounts) and I have told them about the issue of players spamming Xbox invites. They are aware of it, and taking my suggestion of a cooldown into consideration.


Coding takes a long time Mittu. Lol.
I gotta agree with @CrimsonDream89 on this one…


Came back to the forums because I needed to check something and then I see this…

This is honestly absolutely the most hilarious post I have read in a while. Your argument makes zero sense. If you are going to pour hate onto Lifeboat at least have valid points and a good reason to be upset, this is just pathetic.

According to your logic if something in Lifeboat doesn’t go according to plan for you, it instantly means you have a right to create an entire topic ranting about an issue that is not much of a cause of concern. I suggest you find something that is actually worth ranting about if you want to go down this path, which I do not recommend from personal experience.

I agree with @CrimsonDream89. Perhaps you should actually get the game rather than using a rip-off version. This is the issue, you cannot expect a game which is not actually an official Minecraft copy without experiencing any problems whatsoever.


Bit too extreme, there was no need to create that big of a fuss about it. However I have to somewhat agree, this topic was quite unneeded especially since it’s just ranting.


She’s paranoid after betrayal and hate from her own friends… It’s recovery…


Calm down he’s just a kid lol

Pls come back to the forums tho, no one hates u for causing drama. All that stuff is already forgotten by now.


The anticheat isn’t fixed yet. I suggested few ideas that will fix few problems but ignored :slight_smile:


None of the servers have very good anticheats, and people are always coming up with ways to bypass them. It’s not that simple.


Like I said, Coding is hard and takes a long time… you have to be patient…