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What's the point of lifeboat?


Un this server, the only thing sucks is that, u dont get rewards but only get pro rank and a free bot changer like that’s nothing, there aren’t even coins where when u win, u can just buy cool things is lifeboat has a coin shop and what a point of playing lifeboat? There isn’t even a who and pro rank is nothing, sm keeps resetting like no way to make a solution for our items to save. People say sm is faction but it really isnt. Creepers do 1 shot kill you in full diamond like wha??? And skeletons are very op and do 2 hearts of damage in diamond armor. Spiders are one of the OP mobs like what really is point?

I know it’s fun game but they aren’t even rewards where u can like get coins or whatever and purchase cool things.


The anticheat is buggy. It kicked me when I open chest, in spectator mode so when will these be fixed? I suggested multiple times to add a feature where on spectator mode, it just tps u to a area where anti cheat can’t kick u. Also, there isn’t a feature and it causes so much lag sometimes where tons of people are afk and why can’t they have 30 minute time limit til the game kicked em out when they aren’t moving. Also I suggested a idea to have sm the game own hub cause I died multiple times by spawn killers, and mobs like my game logs in before my screen loads and mobs keep spawning next to be and I seen this problem to others, can we have some type of safe hub or sage spawn where mobs and players won’t kill u in?


Like Sparkles said, get the orginal version of minecraft.
It might help, it might not. Lol.


If you don’t have lifeboat, you won’t stand a chance in the ocean


No, I’m saying what’s even a point? There isn’t rewards like coins and stuff, lbsg needs a shop where we can buy stuff by coins as gears.


Well some people seems to enjoy it the way it is, some don’t.
No one is keeping you here against your will. You have the choice to leave the server and join another like I did. Lol.


Unfortunately this just isn’t something that’s really feasible for Lifeboat to do. I don’t know if you quite realize what all goes into the coding and how much work it would take to make a shop like this. Yes, it would be amazing to have! But Lifeboat has to pay its developers and it is a business, so in order to stay open it has to make money. So they can’t just give it all away. There is a game mode that has a system kinda like this, and that’s Lifeboat City, you can earn coins there and buy stuff with them, and while yes it’s just for stuff in Lifeboat City it’s more than most servers have.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally for the idea of rewards for players to work towards and I imagine when the quest system is finished that will become a reality, but they can’t include everything within that.




Why are there only 2 full time developers? What happened?


I totally agree with your statement about giving Pro ranks some “rewards”

It has to be kinda like Hypixel, to be frank:

Like add some cool rewards that can’t be obtained easily, if you’re going to add things then make Pro rank hard to obtainable. Nowadays, Pro rank is just a rank, nothing really special in it, no rewards, advantages.

We can make like only Top 5 on the monthly leaderboards would get rewards and Pro rank But they’ll get rewards in end the of season/month. They have to save their position in Top 5 and if they lose it, they’ll lose their Pro rank and the chance to claim some cool rewards. I’m sure, people will participate more and by this maybe player count would increase again, but they have to add some really cool rewards.

Just my idea.


pointing lifeboat


The point of Lifeboat is to keep people from drowning and dying from boredom.
They created a boat to save everyone from it. :joy:


I guess they aren’t earning as much money as they used to.


They aren’t…


have you played sm before the time i quit minecraft? sm was fun, there were safe villages for three groups (red, yellow and green). And you can keep your items and builds for a week. i like sm before they changed it into something more boring.