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What movie do you remember crying or almost crying over?


At the end of war of worlds I almost cry over this part


I was too busy being terrified instead of crying while watching war of the worlds but mine has to be Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

or Forrest Gump


The tripod parts were kinda scary about after while it was just cool until the end to this part it was sad


Tom cruise dose good job at acting


Why cry? It’s just a movie?


Well some parts of movies make you cry because of how some parts shows someone dying or hugging in fear or hugging because of how many deaths has taking place and sometimes movies show at end what happened to those who died like the boy in strip pajama


Now that movie was sad what happened during the holocaust is sad that why most movies you would cry


But some movies are not real


a star is born


“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good. I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, plz Mr. stark, I don’t wanna go…I’m sorry.”

  • Avengers Infinity War (the first time that scene came out was kinda sad but it became a meme after a while and I got used to it.)


I never cry while watching movies


Can’t cry, born a savage


never cried once in a movie but almost did when in kong: skull island when collin tried to sacrifice himself by blowing himself up with the monster, but the monster knew what was up and he was kicked aside.


After every episode of Tom and Jerry.




Mr Stark, delete Morris 2019


Now with the boy in the striped pajamas, I cried at the book and only got in 15 minutes of the movie because it was just really boring.


Never did I cry in a movie because why are you crying over a fictional movie picture in the first place? Cry over something worth crying for like seeing your pet deceased.


I cried in this movie called Lifeboat Infinity Wars. Here’s the movie poster, the thanos luks so ugly.


Lol XD