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What is this hack type?


I seen a person that was killing me but was not swinging his sword. Is this aimbot? Also what os this hack where somone comes and hits you and your player geys knocked in air and the hacker tp’s u while its happening.

Also what is with this hack, like this girl had, idk a way to kill me from behind, meaning this hacker can kill anyone that is chasing her so this hacker kills anyone from behind?


Killaura maybe? That is strange. Never seen it before.


Expanded hitbox maybe? Killaura? Tp-aura? Combination of all 3 perhaps?


Simple answer: PvP hacks/cheats

This is literally the term I use to refer to any fighting related cheats to prevent myself from misidentifying them, as I don’t fully understand the differences between all of them…


This is a pretty rare hack to see. Its hosted on a proxy so that the player recieves the hacks via the internet and no client is needed. Usually pay to use though. Havent heard of one for a while now


Are you talking about tp-aura?.. It’s consider the best and strongest hack, but in Bedrock Edition hackers like to add aim-aura to it.


It could be either killaura or hitbox; they’re the same thing but with different names kinda.
Killaura is for Java Edition, and Hitbox is for phones and tablets as I would think it’s called Bedrock Edition.


Yeah they are “kinda” the same. Hitbox doesn’t inherently refer to a hack, but an element in the game. Killaura expands the Hitbox and creates a “field of damage”. Kill Aura is available on both Java, and Bedrock


Tp aura:

A hack that activates Killaura and teleports the client’s aim at the victim all the time and give them every hit


But on Bedrock it doesn’t seem much useful or does anything so I blocked it out. LOL.
Well doesn’t for me at least.


I said that though it’s not really an aim… it could be looking away while doing so…


sorry, got carried away :smiley:


Win10 clients have more use for Killaura and the coding has improved it would seem


That is true.


Java Edition hacking is more easier considering all if it’s mods work, you just have to know how to use it…


True but the public clients are so abused on Java, most Anticheats have counters for them by now


The Java Edition anti cheats are perfect. They actually detect and can tell what from what.
It can tell the hit range (kill aura, multiaura, tp aura, etc.), the speed of how fast you’re moving, (speed hack, bowaimbot, legitkillaura, autoclicker, etc.) And a lot more.
But it’s not that perfect as some of the mods can bypass and there is a trick to making kt difficult for the anti cheat to detect. Idk if I’m the only one who knows it.


Java coding is alot easier to hack than c++. Plus Java edition is an open system game so modders have access to all the files and can wrap whatever software around it they want. Microsoft is a little more careful and keeps the game’s code closed. SO hackers/Cheaters on Java can get better hacks but they are Mass-produced since it’s easier


Well it is in the name Java Edition. :joy:


I know. that’s because it was coded in JAVA