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What happened to the badge thingys?


Hey what happened to the little redstone/quartz/diamond badges next to your pfp? If it’s a glitch you might wanna fix that, but if you got rid of it for what ever reason, just saying, I liked it when it’s had the badges.


Storm is supposed to fixing it.


They hopped to another dimension and they became ores


It’s a minor error. Storm is working on getting it fixed.


They should never bring that back, it’s not that useful since you can just look at their roles in their profile or the tag visible beside their names on a reply or in a topic.


I liked it. It’s easier just to look at their pfp and go ‘oh, that person is a member. Cool’ without clicking their name


Trust Level badges have returned.


Cool! Thanks Storm!


Good job! :+1:t2: