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We're looking for volunteer-graphic designers! Apply now!


Salutations, Lifeboaters!

We’re currently looking for volunteer-graphics designers! If you’d like to apply – do so here: https://lbsg.net/graphicdesigner/

Skills we’re looking for:

Users that are able to work at a fast-pace
Graphic designers that are able to create astonishing (Minecraft) thumbnails, banners, profile pictures, etc Users that are able to grab amazing promotional screenshots in-game - (edited)
Awesome editing skills that can be used to edit our lifeboat videos

If you have one or more of the above skills listed, then this is the position for you! We’re hoping to find individuals that are talented in this field.

Note: (Applications usually take about 1-2 weeks to be reviewed. If you don’t receive a response within that time period, you’ve been denied and can re-apply in 1 month.)

Thank you and have a great rest of your day!

-Shavinda N (Lifeboats Content Producer)


I can make good stuff, but just not fast :scream_cat:

I keep those world safe from other players, so they are Rarely Ever Seen!!

Good luck on finding people anyways :grinning:


That’s me just let me get a good PC.


i expect an acceptance letter


why is that man holding a “pickaxe”


is that a pickaxe or a shovel


I would apply but I don’t have any graphic design tools, I feel like just using browser based tools won’t get me accepted lol


I work reasonably fast with a great Pc, but the only graphic designer skills I have is pen creations. Not de place for this ol’ pig.


I think @MilitaryMite671 will be a good candidate.


Good luck, everybody!


Unfortunately, My Editing Software Technologies are currently down.


Awww, that to bad :slightly_frowning_face:
I hope it gets up and running soon!!


I’ll try applying, but I’m only a bit good at screenshots.


It’s perfect!!!


as a graphic design student, you only choose to not rush. If you were my client, I just need some times to create a design brief about the client and the user (but the client can be the user as well), the sketch ideas, criteria and then annotation.

More info here:

  • A Design Brief outlines the design problem using relevant Design Factors and includes the identified needs of the user or target audience

  • A Design Brief should indicate how the design problem will need to be solved as well as stating the required graphical representations. (type of drawings)

  • Design Criteria is a list of things that your final design has to have or do

  • The Criteria List will help to focus your designing on what is important and necessary.

  • Sketches can be a combination of 2D and 3D (Isometric).

  • ALL designs MUST be numbered so that later on they can be Evaluated against the Design Criteria

and then you can finalize the design with photoshop or a CAD program. This takes a 2 weeks or more depending on which type of design you’re going with. But according to the post, those are just photoshop and video editing skills which is not really a graphic design.


CooperCyan :v Of course I do not apply for this :v


i followed that exact model lol


I’m getting a wacom graphics tablet soon so I might apply :smiley:


Ooh cool.


You’ll get Sen. Mod maybe!