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We're looking for translators!


Fimio my guy. Saw you in the lobby but you ignored me lmao


Maybe a Microsoft mute?


What is your tag?
I have to know it is on your forums profile to know what it is…


It says in the bio bro


Is it worth applying for italian even though I don’t know that much? I started last month but I learn new words, verbs and grammar rules everyday.


Think you gotta be fluent bro


yea but a mod on discord said that I can apply but just say the level at which i can currently understand


You have to be completely fluent.


alright thanks


My guy ignoring me now :joy::sob:

I know a bit Spanish


Vi ovo upravo prevodite na Google Prevoditelj, zar ne?

I’m professional in speaking Bosnian. ^•^


I am 100% fluent in chinese (simplified) should I apply?


Yes, sure! :smile:


I applied about 2-3 times end still no reply.
~Nobody likes bosnian -_-


Don’t spam apps. Wait a month


Never give up!


Hey, I ca speak Indonesian but no one probably cares…


Sin ofender eh ._.


Thanks for your reply. We’re currently not looking for Indonesian translators.
You can visit https://goo.gl/QnpDbi to receive an updated list of languages we’re looking for.


A question
Do kids these days still learning about traditional chinese?