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We're looking for translators!


Ahhhhhh… I am good with languages!!

I guess I am to late :^(


You’re not too late! We’re still looking for new translators. :grinning:


I applied and i bulgarian is my main language


Well i speak italian and english very well so…



i speak all dialects of the Philippines and i speak a lil bit of spanish :stuck_out_tongue:


omg you’re back


I speak bulgarian english and im not gona talk about my russian its so bad


i could not help to say de same thing too


Could I still give it a go if I’m learning the languages? It would be something I could practice because I’m planning on becoming a translator when I’m older for at least 2 languages (my goal is 4). I know mostly Spanish right now but I’m working for Chinese, Japanese and German as well


good and back bb


You must be fluent in your language. We’re not looking for Spanish translators in the moment.


Ok. Any Hindi translators in need?


No. We’re currently looking for translators for these languages: https://goo.gl/QnpDbi


He BOLD letter ones?


The bold letter ones are languages we’re especially looking for.


je parle un petit peu français

I speak very little French


That’s unfortunately not enough. You must be fluent in your language.


:i am crying right now:


Let’s keep on topic, please.


Hello?? So do i?