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We're looking for translators!


Nah, im pretty sure im right.


There are many ways to say it


If you guys want to argue about tenses, move to DMs.


Whatever you’re doing, you’re off-topic. This is a topic about translator applications, not the correct way to say something.


I thought content team had red boats?


字 to a

Doesn’t even make sense


Actually, noob was right. I feel his made more sense. I guess you could argue that they mean the same thing, but as I speak spanish as well, I feel his made more sense.


De hecho se dice Ya aplique, espero que sea aceptado


Aver prrs io hablo español :v


moi, je parle très bien français.
bonne chance aux applicants!


tu madre es gray


gray? o sea que es gris? :v okno


Tô tentando entrar no link, mais não consigo


100% Português (Brazil)
87% Português (Portugal)
74% Espanhol
70% Francês
41% Mexicano


Wowowow for real?




I know:
100% Español
97% English
78% Português
40% Germany


Whats the difference of Spanish and Mexican lenguage, in Mexico we speak spanish lenguage


i know sign language is that helpful