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We're looking for translators!


Salutations, Lifeboaters! Translator applications are now OPEN. If you know how to speak another language and you’d like to help out the Lifeboat community then this position is for you! If you’d like to apply ~

Apply here now: https://lbsg.net/translation-volunteers/

Note We’re looking especially for French, Spanish & Italian translators but also for other languages.

Good Luck.





Duolingo says I’m 40% fluent in Spanish so I’ll give it a go
I’m jk but duolingo did tell me I was 40% fluent, note the was


tu español esta muy roto :v
Ellos necesitan un mexicano real :v


i know spanish at 100% :v


Me too. :smiley:


Good luck all


Yo saber espanol!


Y yo querer a volvers un traductor, asi que será aplicar! I know spanish!




Yo aplicado, esperanza yo obtener aceptado.:smile::smile::smile:


Alright, I decided to apply. I do have quite the knowledge on Spanish, so I can help.


Good luck to all applicants!




Same, I applied too! Good luck


I don’t think you’re fluent in Spanish. You’re applying the tenses wrong


Actually im very fluent in spanish, tenses is something that was always a little hard for me, but other than that im fluent


Well that’s a lot mistakes


Not really


The correct way to say it: Yo ya apliqué, yo espero que voy hacer aceptado.