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We're Hiring!



We would like someone to help us create YouTube videos.

Please submit (2 or more links) of your previous work.



-Introduce yourself. Use your real name, not your IGN.
Include the position you are applying for in your email subject line.
-Why would you be particularly well suited to the position?
-If it’s appropriate, include a link to something you have done. Show us examples.
-Please attach a resume, as a PDF, with our name as a part of the filename.
-We value an ability to work with a team. Give an example of where you functioned well in a team of people.
-Feel free to submit your application again later, especially if we have announced somewhere that we are looking for your skill set. (Wait a month between applications!)
-Screen your application for grammar and spelling mistakes, and use well-thought-out paragraphs.
If we do set up an interview, and you have never had an interview before, you would be wise to practice being interviewed.

Age Requirement: (15+) Part Time Position


Good luck to those who apply! :))


Good luck for everyone.

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Who those applying!


Good luck to applicants!


Good luck to all applicants! :wink:


Good luck to all. Btw I heard @sckkzj is trying out.


Im not applying ive been to naughty


You 15


yes daddy


I voluntold @AngularDisc00


Hi my fav purson. Xd I work for liefboat now


Why u bump so much??.


I wish I could apply but I’m not 15 :frowning: I still make videos but for my own channel usually.


I would apply for that but I want to be in game moderator so I’m going to be reporting hackers and reporting all who break the rules.


How many people you report has nothing to do with your chances of being accepted. But I will tell you factually that being on the forums will help you!


@PingingPie92 ,
Happy Birthday to you by dude!!! :balloon: :gift: :cake:


Uh, thanks.


I applied! Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Good luck.


Cyan Portuques irmao salve Parabéns por ser Educado e Feliz e assim que um moderator dever ser ! Inglês That one wants to win the job I want you to first take care of the game and the attention to the players who are the official Thx Friends bye