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Website Improvements


I have been thoroughly checking over the Lifeboat website (https://lbsg.net) and the forums, and I have been finding a lot of things that could be improved overall. The first big change I feel that needs to be made is the applications / volunteer positions page. (https://lbsg.net/volunteer-positions)

I understand that there are limitations when creating a website with Wordpress, but these are rather easy fixes having used Wordpress, and their editor myself. This forum post is not to call out the developers and staff who help manage the website, but show the small fixes and improvements that could be made.

There are certain positions that are still showing up on the website, that are closed. These include: Kim Content Creator, and Discord Moderator applications. These can be found at the bottom of the page (screenshot below). This can be confusing to players, and needs to be changed or the volunteer positions page requires a complete redesign.

Another topic I would like to draw your attention on is the Hydreon jobs page. (https://lbsg.net/openings-at-hydreon) All jobs listed on this page, show up as blogs. This isn’t the best way to show job listings as it can confuse players or interested applicants if the position is no longer open. While it provides the dates and the time the application was listed, it does not provide information saying that the position was closed or if the position is still open.

Finally, I would like to talk about the forums. The current software that the forums are using (Discourse), which is great and all, not many features, but the forums are set out neatly. I have been looking into forum software’s that are available, and I have found that Xenoforo is much more user friendly, and adds a lot more extra options both on the admin and moderation sides, as well as the users.

While there is a one time license of $299, this is rather cheap, especially taking into account that it would be getting used very frequently as it would be used as the alternative to Discourse. And with all the features that are in Xenforo as well as the amount of admin control, I don’t see why not to choose it.

That’s all I really think needs to be mentioned as of right now, but I would like to hear the opinions of others, or anyone who also thinks that some changes have to be implemented to the website to fix a few things.


but im top user of all time >:(


And I’m 2nd… :frowning:


I just got my regular back :frowning:

Jokes aside,

I actually like the idea, however, it’s kinda time consuming if we switch to another forum platform. Yeah, that’s all.


Yes I brag. (: And I can see the deleted post. And so do all the staff.


Oh wait lol. But seriously tho, you should’ve forwaded this to the forum devs. It would be helpful.

I was expecting more than what you are currently doing rn @sath


I’m not planning to send it to them direct, because i wanted to also point out other issues, not related to the forums, but the website overall.


We don’t really have forum devs… Alex handles the tech side but afaik none of the other devs do anything forum-wise.

Interesting suggestions though, not sure if we want to switch forums. Discourse has worked pretty well so far, we don’t really need a bunch of new features. Plus it’s free/open-source, and somewhat customizable via themes and plugins. We haven’t really explored the full extent of it.


Maybe we need a button called read aloud where it auto reads for you, but i used my xbox one and went to Microsoft edge did right click format and it read for me, im not sure tablet users, maybe have it? Also good idea Hazard


Aww man I’m too late, the posts gone :frowning: