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We need villagers and redstone in sm


Poor villagers :frowning: anyways can we add shulker boxes and they can be found by villagers and villagers despawn at night and respawn at day time so you need to trade items for a shulker box, shulker boxes are kinda like backpack but you can place it and mine it and carry it, this is good way or storage, remember don’t die you have them.

Can redstone like be useful I mean you can make blocks, close and compass out of them but can’t you add trapped chest and tnt but the tnt does not blow up blocks but damages the place around it? This will be cool for traps.



You need to be specific, which game mode are you talking about?



There , I fixed it



Villagers: Maybe sometime, but not something that‘s high priority. It‘s also not the easy to implement but it can give SM more of a Survival World feeling.

Redstone: I love redstone and it‘s really cool. But from past experiences, every time Minecraft updates, redstone causes bugs. Also, people would probably abuse redstones powers and create tones of lag.



Well you know, I think redstone should be used for trading villagers and and be used for redstone torches?