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We need this command in Survival Mode!


I really want Lifeboat to add this command to Survival Mode.

We need a command called /tpacancel because when I join Survival Mode I always tpa to someone but sometimes players don’t accept the tpa request but after 30-20 minutes later they accept the tpa and push me into lava or trap me in a box and kill me. So if there was /tpacancel it would really help.


You could just simply ignore it


Ignore? How?


Don’t respond


Just do /transfer sm(number here) and that will cancel the tp. I’ve run I. To the same issue when I have accidentally tped the wrong person.


Thanks for teaching me new ways to troll players.


When I send a tpa request to the wrong player, I go to settings and block tpa ASAP.


It only cancels it if the person accepts the tp while you’re gone


To be honest, this is actually a good idea, especially if you don’t want to transfer to another server for some reason.


we already have the /tpdeny command ingame the problem is people like to send tpa spam which is something that can’t be moderated that easily. I would like to see a suggestion to deal with that if possible.


I like this idea. Sometimes I do this and I get teleported and killed. This would be very handy.


Good suggestion, just to note survival community is very troll hehe


This would be a handy command to have, we will implement it soon.


That’s too much work. /tpacancel is way fast. Transferring to each server always will take time.


@dishrex Wow! You are probably my favorite developer right now.


Perhaps add a time limit to teleport to someone, like 3-5 minutes.