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We need bounty hunter back


Bring bounty hunter back ive been playing it since 2015 - 2017 until i took a break for 1 year and now im back and its sad seeing bounty hunter get removed it was the gamemode that i really really really really liked before so please bring it bAck ive seen people complain about why lifeboat removed it and its really questionable it got removed because “less people” playing it, and yet adventure mode is the most bad gamemode in lifeboat, why not removed it instead of bh and replace it to gamemode called “Lifeboat city”, It used to be so good



I miss Bounty Hunter a lot too, but numerous people have complainted about it’s removal and everyone gets the same answer- it was removed due to constant glitch abusal (dupe) and low player counts. Despite the fact that those who did play were very loyal players, couldn’t make up for the fact it just wasn’t enough people playing to keep a server going. I’m with you- I would be overjoyed if bounty hunter was brought back. I just don’t think its going to happen.



They can just fix the duplication exploit instead of removing it


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If they dont wanna bring bh back why not make an new pvp mode that just same as bounty hunter getting kills, getting gear and teamwork? Or add a kitpvp mode



Well there is a pvp game mode on Arcade Mode maybe try it? -pretty fun.
It’s called Hot Rock.



Its not an actual pvp mode tho



Still has pvp included ,it’s a team game mode like protect the vip ,kinda?