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I PvP hackers, legends, etc, and I probably want to fight you. Meet me on survival mode, I make it quite a challenge on the servers, roaming around with a team of great fighters. What is great? Well, maybe someone better than the person who’s better than average. It’s no overexageration, it’s true! Only way to find out is to find me <;p


Welcome to the forums


Are you a win10 player because if so you don’t count as that good at pvp in my books.


Welcome! :smiley:


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay.




What survival mode server do you play on? And welcome to the forums.




I will beat you in a pvp


Welcome to lifeboat forums


I’m Xbox




Your name is Waspolar. So does it mean, that you were a Polar bear? :ok_hand::heavy_check_mark::100::joy:


I see where you’re coming from, but I’m also triggered.


Wasps are aggressive and and if you take out “bi” out of polar, you are left with polar. Add them together and boom, waspolar.


Welcome to the Lifeboat Forum!



This kid, really? Hard? Dude I would just fist him and he runs for life just to log off lol. Me and ethan even killed ya for fistin’ but y’know I tped u back to get ur stuff. Look, THERE IS NO WAY TO GET BETTER AT PVP ON XB1 UNLESS U ATTACH UR MOUSE N KEYBOARD LIKE I AND MOST LIKELY WASPOLAR DID. You just… can’t get better at PvP without a mouse n keyboard. Challenge me, if you win, take my diamond stuff.


1v1 me


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