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Do not let @xCattyy lr @Fishy in your world… mainly xCatty…


Screw the doors shut while at it


Screw the screws and the door. Catty made me had to restart this thing twice…


I had to delete the world too.


She came into a world I was in while I was playing around with gotten and we ended up torturing him together

It also ended with a lot of explosions and my buildings nearly getting blown up lol


The destructive couple. Lol.


I was planning to invite xCattyy and Fishy to my world to help me build a torture world for james and blizz big house for the Fishy Army…


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


U saw nothing


Makes my game single player (offline) survival so @xCattyy or @Fishy to join.

I also realized fishy entered the world because i was fishing and i got a fish, i screams oh no! I let @Fishy the mod in my world, im dead, im ganna blow up!

-no offence fishy




Yes, fishy is eneted da world cause i was fishing and you teleported through the fish and i blowed up.






ah yes i too torture people over a block game


Cube. :joy:


here’s a picture of @forgottendesert0 dead body with cattyy in the pic lol