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[vote] should lifeboat have music?

  • Who thinks there should be music
  • Who thinks there shouldn’t

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I am thinking of making music for all of the different lifeboat games. Would you like to have music, or would you not care. I am doing this because I dont want to have music on it and everyone muting it. There will probably be a command to turn it off anyways. strong text keep checking this, I will soon give an draft example of what it will be like

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What type of music do you suggest? Keep in mind that there is already ambient minecraft music, or it is simple to have your own music playing whilst you play minecraft

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That would be time consuming… Lifeboat haven’t got time to waste after all the server issues, etc.

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Yes, good points, @JackCobble @anon66821994 . It would be cool I forgot lifeboat had their own music, though. It’s just my opinion. I just wonder if servers do actually let you have music without having to get the resource pack.



What app will you use when making It? Garbage and, AutoSound?



GarageBand. And it’s not garbage or auto sound :sweat_smile:


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