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Volunteer Introduction by Azzer


Hello everyone of the forums, I am Azzer one of the volunteers from Lifeboat Network!

One of the first volunteer introductions

As most of you know, I currently volunteer as a Senior Moderator & Forum Moderator. Another two position that I hold is Discord Moderator & Trainee Mentor. I help to mentor the new trainees and help them in becoming full moderators in the future. My name is Marcus and I’m 16 years old, my favorite subject in school would be English & Science. I usually spend my time on discord chatting with you people when I’m free or I would be a good boy revising school work for exams (although I’m extremely lazy sometimes). Regarding my hobbies, not much people may know this but I am part of the School Choir and I usually like to play the guitar for entertainment. (I’m also a fortnite addict but I’m pretty bad it and my PC lags so much that I pretty much lose every fight I get into)

What’s my favourite fruit or food? That’s a hard question because I eat anything that’s edible but if I had to choose, I’d pick oranges and maybe barbeque food? I can’t really make up my mind.

Some of you may be wondering, what got me into volunteering for Lifeboat? It all started back in December 2017 when I started to engage with the community again, so I decided to apply another time. The OG forum members would know that I was such a try hard when I applied. Who knew, the last time I decided to apply I was accepted into the team so I was legitly so happy and excited. Okay, so back in 2016 I was decently active on forums and I pretty much wanted to join the team because I never really volunteered for such a big Minecraft server before so I wanted to try out and see what would it feel like to volunteer for Lifeboat.

How was my experience on the team? If you happen to be wondering the exact same question, my answer would be fairly exciting and fun! Volunteering actually brought smiles to my face because all the other volunteers discuss about silly jokes which would always make me laugh and I never really regretted joining the team which bought smiles to me. Although sometimes it can be stressful and depression for me, I still decide to continue on until I feel like it’s time.

I started volunteering since December 10th as a Discord Moderator (Trainee) in the old Lifeboat Discord server, I’d still like to thank Ultramarine192 for giving me the opportunity. On December 19th, I was accepted as an InGame Trainee which was a dream come true and now it’s 2019. It’s truly been an exciting experience being on the team and I hope I’d still be able to contribute the best I can.

That’s pretty much all from me in this introduction, if needed I’d add much more into this introduction but until then, that’s it.

(Last Updated 10th March 2019 4:17PM GMT+8)



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Azzer, did you purposely give yourself the “Best Turtle” badge? :joy:



Yes, because they forgot to give me it so I gave it to myself :rage:


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Custom badges all have to manually given, it’d be way too much work for us to go about trying to find out how many words everyone has written and giving the appropriate badge.


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