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VIP+ Rank Removed


I bought VIP+ for survival games back in 2016. But my rank was removed and I don’t know how to get it back. I tried contacting through the play order receipt but it didn’t work. It says that the link has moved. The receipt also said hydrogen corperation instead of williamtdr or lifeboat. I need help, please.



Hey. It turns out that William doesn’t own lb anymore. Hydeon Corp. owns it. Did you email support@lbsg.net? If you are using a different account please check /lbattach
Moving to support



If you bought it in 2016, it would have been attached to your Lifeboat account. Have you attached your account to an Xbox Live account using /lbattach yet? That might be it.


No, I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll go and try that soon and see if it does work.


I tried emailing them, but they haven’t responded. I will try to use /lbattach when I can.


Linked accounts and got back my rank. Thank you Penguin and PingedPie92 :slight_smile:


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