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Video update



Nice music btw.

Nice video if you made it,


Yes of course I made it👍🏻
Check the YouTube


Hello, I love this video! :heart: Really shows the reality of Lifeboat. Making friends and enjoying the community! Here’s to 2019! :smile:


i love this!! you did such a great job what its like in the community :smiley:




https://twitter.com/LifeboatNetwork/status/1081752723064868864 TWEETED! Love this. :heart:


Where am I in it? No me? Cri

Great Video!




Love it! I saw myself in there twice. Thanks for including me!




So many James screenies.


I appear in nine also hehehe

also I like how when a screenie of me and cattyy pops up it shows “rivals being made” but me and BliZZard it says “friendships made” xD


If only I was still a mod. Never mind, I am not to besaddled with this name.


I was not included since I never knew forums were a thing.


You are in there, just keep looking!!


Where am I at


"New MOD’s Being Made…"


I’m not in it since I know nothing lol! I was a guest btw back then soo… back then was good since I had copy of minecraft beta version since I could acess all servers but not it’s gone :frowning: R.i.p

Also I never knew forums were a thing. I had trouble reporting hackers since I had to ignore.


you probs never given any screenies