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Twig Intro


Hello guys! Some of you might’ve already known me from Discord etc. Incase you are clueless on who I am, I’m Twig. I’m a volunteer for lifeboat as a Beta Tester and Stream Moderator.
I’m a generally friendly and fun person (It really depends on your definition of friendly and fun), so I don’t tend to get mad a lot. Although there are days where I do feel like blasting the whole universe to bits and pieces, so you probably don’t wanna mess with me on those days xd
Ign: Ukulelegirl013


Hi welcome my bestie!


Aww thanks bestie!


I never did an intro… Maybe someday lol!


Hello person I have never met before. I am Popple. Salutations.


You are a stick then?


Not a stick, she’s a pointy twig.


She’s a stick, and it’s final


No no no! We are besties and she’s a pointy twig. That’s final. :wink:




Stick: a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut from a tree.

Synonyms: Piece of wood, small branch, TWIG , ect.


Shhh, she a pointy twig.


I’m a cool pointy twig. Not a sad dull stick. Get ur facts rite chicken ankles


But what she’s a sharp stick? :thinking:


No, you are a stick


Also, let’s all follow the rules and avoid inappropriate references. Have a great day folks.


Rite xD






@Twig welcome to your worst nightmare. Please wait while I prepare the ping machine 9000.