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As though creative and funny that was I don’t think this is something to really think to hard about… the ranks are given like they are and tbh if u think about it it’s really not that hard to get diamond rank now emerald rank yes but that takes a little bit more then just liking topics and coming on for a certain amount of days straight… and like I said I get where you’re coming from with the creative but if what you’re saying is true how come diamond isn’t below redstone… :thinking: #classdismissed

It’s also just based on most likely how rare the ore is in Minecraft which makes sense coal is the easiest ore to obtain then iron and restone then diamonds which is more rare then redstone… and of course the mods rank is emerald cuz that’s the hardest ore to obtain unless u spawn in a mountains biome and 9/10 will only have 1 ore spawn when u find an emerald… so yeah I don’t see it as how much the ore can be used for in the game but how rare it is in game cuz the higher the rank u go the more harder it is to move up another one

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hey all i have return- OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THIS

oh its just blocks next to pfps. some of them are more dominant than the others (woo diamond block master race).



I wonder why I am red stone

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I let my little bro use my acc and all this happened, dang

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Strange, u should be diamond




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We’re not supposed to comment on topic over a month old.


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