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Trust Level Badges


Make a trust level called supreme overlord with a command block symbol, and give it to our favourite golem XD


Good work, Storm!! :slight_smile:




o i get it now


I’m very conflicted if I like this or not.

On one hand, it’s an interesting concept, but on the other hand, it’s very distracting to me. Especially when I’m scrolling quickly.


Where’s my emerald xD


This is really neat


Can I have a cookie instead of the redstone on my fourth anniversary? :smirk:


This looks really good.




I think it could be better if it showed the league of in-game account and accordingly the blocks like the diamond league, dirt league etc.


There’s a right time for this, They actually know the daily server issues in ctf. So they must fix this as soon as possible.


These looks so awesome! Nice work @Galactic_Storm


That’s a show-of in game. This is the forums, only show who spend time on this site.


Can i have a quartz block @Galactic_Storm thats mi favourite block.


why quartz?

a terracota block would look cooler
or just a white concrete block


yep but it could be a show of dedication to the server
anyways I fully see your point chaiya and I’d like to cut my point


Leave for like a week and come back to this news… lol
Na fr I like it




If you think logically, we are higher than all of you. And let me explain why:

As useful as diamond sounds, it is only helpful for strength, that is it. You can survive without diamonds in the game. Even coal is more useful than diamond because without it, you can’t cook food. Iron is basically diamond but weaker. Red stone is the most useful thing in the game. It is more overpowered than anything. You can kill more mobs than a diamond sword can with red stone traps. Red stone is actually more better at ranged attacks as well. TNT cannons for example. If you break a diamond sword, you can’t get it back, but you can always retrieve red stone. Red stone is overpowered and if there was an all out Minecraft war, red stone would come in handy. For emeralds, they are good for trading with villagers. And yes, villagers know values, but they can scam lol. Emeralds for a piece of paper? Come on, now…

I am no longer regular and now that I got red stone, I am a member and I am proud.

And don’t even think about bringing up the fact about command blocks being higher lol.