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Trust Level Badges


Before I get frantic posts such as “OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THIS” because I suspect those sometime soon, new icons were added to the Forums. They indicate your respective trust level as followed~

TL0 (New): Coal
TL1 (Basic): Iron
TL2 (Member): Redstone
TL3 (Regular): Diamond
TL4 (Leader): Emerald

In case you forgot what the Trust System was: The trust system

Here’s what they look like~


Also Andoid users can now opt-in for mobile notifications. Only was recently added, so please bear through any bugs.

Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:

Hey 👋
Help me change my block please
What does blocks mean?


jk, the new update looks great!


O, I was like OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THIS. Thanks for explaining.


This is gonna take some time getting used to


Wooow this looks awesome


I have a question. Who adds this stuff to the forums?


Over on the Discourse forums, there’s a great amount of community engagement making plugins, themes, and so forth. From there I pick up ideas and utilize them here when applicable.


Yay…I guess


Good work, Storm!


Oh so that’s what this is for… thanks for telling us.


I’m not a peasant because i’m diamond.


I’m iron.


Good job!


Is it sad when the forums get more updates then CTF. XD


I don’t even know why I haven’t received my member yet… I’ve met all the requirements though xD

Thanks for the feature Storm! :slightly_smiling_face:


Fear me nons


Looks pretty nice! Now I have a shiny emerald, haha…


Awesome! Galactic_Storm this looks good!


This is cool indeed