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Totally not a Netflix series spoiler


So I just finished watching season 2 of She-ra and I honestly have so many more questions. While the Princess alliance have once again reunited, the Horde are still trying to conquer Etheria. With Entrapta now on the Horde’s side, they have been advancing with their weapons, getting more powerful, with self healing bots, using “First Ones” tech. We learn more about Shadow-Weaver aka Light-Spinner’s past, and how she was banished from Mysticore. It turns out, it wasn’t a banishment. She chose to leave after casting a powerful spell that went wrong.

When Light-spinner was on Mysticore, before she joined the Horde, she had an apprentice. She seen potential in training the apprentice to activate a super powerful spell to give Light-spinner more power, more control. The spell didn’t go to plan as the apprentice saw the dangers within the spell, and tried to end it. By ending the spell, the shadow spirits broke free and took over Light-spinner.

With Shadow Weaver in captivity, Catra thinks she is on good terms with Hordak, although this is not the case as she finds out for herself later in the season. Entrapta on the other hand, starts sneaking into Hordak’s lab, searching for tools to help with her inventions, she notices a powerful orb that Hordak is trying to activate. Entrapta manages to fix the orb ‘power source’, and tells Hordak to try it again.

After Hordak tries the power source once again… he notices the potential within Entrapta, telling her his plans for a ‘portal’. Meanwhile, Catra is over-watching Shadow-Weaver (As a prisoner). Shadow-Weaver sees the opportunity within this, and asks Catra for one last request… her badge from Mysticore. She smashes the badge open, using the light dust to gain the strength to leave the Horde prison cells.

I ain’t gonna say much else, you really just have to watch it for yourself. A friend got me into the series, and I have to say I am now hooked. Hey! If you want someone to blame for the spoilers you can blame my good friend RadioLabRat for showing me the show… and if you haven’t seen it… I highly recommend to watch it on Netflix.

(If you like fantasy, mixed with drama and sci-fi)

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