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"Too Close to Neighbor" rule removal on CM


I’m making this on behalf of all of those including myself who play on the Creative Mode servers. We’re not really asking for more blocks (ofc we’d like that) but that’s unreasonable and I’m sure that’s being worked on, no no, we ask for something that’s relatively easy to add it (or remove rather). What we ask is to get rid of the “Too Close to Neighbor” Rule, that does not allow players to build right up next to certain areas of other plots. The implementation seems like a good idea on paper and yes we understand what the concept is of the rule. However it is a complete and utter failure, and it must go. We like to build cities on the CM servers, but it’s extremely difficult to do so with all the gaps that are unclaimable land. For example the city of PrimRose on CM2 is a mess, with all the “islands” of plots everywhere it’s hard to build anything in unison. It may not seem such a bad thing to those who either don’t play the game Mode or don’t play on it enough to experience the issue, but as a person who’s been on there for months I can gladly speak on behalf of all players and say we want it gone, and have the ability to claim any land we want, regardless of location to neighbors. You might be thinking well players might completely incase other player’s plot and effectively ruin there plot. And the answer to that is simple, it’s not gonna happen, a plot is roughy $1 it would take $8 to inclose on 1 plot of another players, no one will do that also they can relocate if they don’t want that. Plus we want be able to incase each other’s plots so we can build towns and cities. So please just as the “yes” rule was removed and replaced with /confirm (thx btw we like that better :slightly_smiling_face:), we urge you developers to get rid of “Too Close to Neighbor” rule. Thank you that is all,

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I agree with that, even though it may mean people who can’t get plots may not be able to build within a specific distance of cities, nobody will spend loads of money to claim the entire world, there will always be somewhere unclaimed for people to build.



So is this not gonna at least be discussed?