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Tips and Tricks for Capture The Flag


Hello there, are you enjoying this CTF update? If you are…then I have no way of knowing. Today I am here to discuss some tips on CTF. Let’s start off with the type of players you could be. You can also be a mix of two of them. The following are the people I’ve seen the most.

Complete Defender- The person who’s only main goal is making sure the other team doesn’t get the flag. This person will do whatever it takes to make sure the opposite team never scores a goal. The more people of this type in a game, the longer it will be.

Complete Attacker- Someone who’s only goal is scoring flags, and has no limits to what he can do to get the flag. He’ll build skybase’s, bridges at the height limit, etc. Mostly found on servers like CTF1

The Genocidal- Mass murder is his only goal, and he will do anything to secure lots of kills. Believe or not, these people are actually helpful, as they slow down the other team and can catch people with flags.

The Person who sits in the flag room afk until the game ends- No, no. just don’t be this person. Someone might not be able to join the game because of you.

How you should spend the grace period:
Start off by building a wall that will stop most defenders long enough for the team to kill them. Not those crappy 2 blocks tall and 1 block wide crap walls. I’d recommend 5 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide. After you’re satisfied with your walls, you should head over and grab some iron and chests (I mean the loot inside of it don’t take the whole chest with you). Gear up for when the period is over. Don’t be one of those people who just sit near the barrier and bow down the opposite team.

After the period is over:
Tips for Complete attackers:
-Bridge up a little then bridge towards the opposite team to avoid instantly being hit off. You should also bridge a little into it so you’re closer to the flag room when you land.
-Once you enter the flag room, make your visit quick so attention isn’t attracted to you. There’s gonna be like 10 people waiting for you outside if you don’t, making your return to base harder.
-TAKE THE GEAR IN THE FLAG ROOM! They’re there for a reason and I get mad when people walk out the flag room without looting the gear in it. It annoys me for some reason. The gear is there to help you, take it.
Tips for Complete Defenders
-Mainly monitor ONE flag room. This will make your job a lot easier. For example, chasing after one dude thats going after the other flag room you’re not near is giving an opening to other people.
-Try your least to leave the flag room you’re at. Understandable if it’s to regen in a safe place, but not to go kill some noobs.
-One strategy I came up with and personally recommend is the stair case method. Build a staircase off of the top of the wall to stop any air invasions.
-Staying on top of the wall. I don’t recommend it that much but still. Helps stop anyone trying to tower up.
Tips for Genocidal People:
-Do your best to go into the flag room first, but don’t grab the flag. Instead, just get the gear within the flag room. At the time of this being written there is no special stuff in old maps.
-Go mainly after the strongest people. Getting rid of them makes the weak weaker.
-I do not recommend killing in the areas either off to the far side of the map or in front of flag rooms

Hope this helped!



Well done!