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This is very sad


I’m pretty sure that everybody here is aware of the news. Yes, the forums is getting deleted in the first day of June. This is very sad, it’s like the day that Club Penguin got shut down :frowning:
I don’t know for you guys but the forums was a place where I talk about my problems and met most of my ‘online’ friends, but importantly giving an oppurtunity to peek over the crew.
I’ve spent 1 and a half year here in the forums, and to just forget all and just quit this awesome website is so unacceptable too me. We’ve come a long way from where we began, folks. Even this forums is gone I’m always grateful that we were all part of this community, and will never forget about it.
My past history in the forums:
Oct/3/2017: My first appearance here on the forums. Got to admit, I was probably the cringiest kid here in the forums. Getting loads of grammar mistakes wrong, seeking to be in-game moderator, I can’t describe this more than a good memory…

Probably my 5th attempt on applying for the staff team. I still remember Azzer helping me out on my application.

Perhaps the best thing I’ve ever done in the forums, I posted that topic with my alt.





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No this is very happy, heres why, the forum was already dead :frowning:

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Nobody cares.



Pretty sure it’s the best.



The OG members here spent more than 1~2 years, a newbie like you will never understand.



Don’t reply to him, simple

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