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How about making a theme creator?
I was thinking about the new theme, when i remembered that some people loved it and others did not, and wanted to add their own details.
For example, if i want to make the forums my own taste and put a miles morals background and a font, with a main color and an accent color of my own choice would be cool, dontcha think?
I know it would be hard, but it would be awesome tbh.
And fishy if you’ll be the one implementing this (if it gets accepted) ill always be available to help you with it.

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I believe this is up to discourse, correct me if I am wrong. @Penguin


It’s not really up to Discourse, unless everyone was an admin on the forum then it would be possible but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. There might be a plugin that can be manually installed for it though.


Yeah it would be a Discourse thing, maybe there’s a plugin out there somewhere but it’s not a feature and we can’t implement something like that. We’re certainly not going to make everyone an admin.

However, Discourse does have theme-creator.discourse.org, if you have a meta.discourse.org account you get access to the tools forum admins usually have to design themes. Unfortunately you can’t really do much other than play around with it in there, but maybe we could have a theme designing contest where the winner gets theirs deployed here? Just a thought…