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The Prediction Game


There’s no reset yo…


Well, that sucks.


This is predictions not number counting topic place thing…


Ignoring the last 4 comments…

Next person has watched a video on minecraft 1.14(/1.8-1.9)


It’s a prediction game, not a game where the next comment has to do something

Yes I have watched a video on Minecraft 1.14

Next person has pretended to be sick to skip school


im homeschooled:cri:

next person plays Apex Legends so add me big_coconut_nut and lets play


False, real men throw stones at each others so HMU if you want to play that instead

Betting the next person had brain stew


Your brain is in it. It was good.

Next had blizzard for breakfast


How did you know? Welp guess I gotta kill you. Sorry but I can’t risk you exposing this secret #NoWitnesses.

Next still plays Lifeboat.


Yes, I do.

Next person owns a PS4.


Nope I own an XBox.

Next person is hungry. :shallow_pan_of_food:


always hungry

next person is eating ryt now


Eating vitamin C

Next person drinks Multivitamins


False, I drink the finest tar

Betting the next person eats aged food (not cheese or wine or anything)


No. Do people really do that?!

Next person is anti-vax.


Uh… no…
Next persons favorite meal is breakfast



Betting then next person eats the same food for a week (you buy the food, then eat it for 7 days straight)


i’d love to do that but nah

next person plays noblemen and loves the idea of it and is sad that it cant come to pc


Don’t know what that is, and I couldn’t care less about it.

Next person is using an iPhone.


iPhone? :rofl:

Ahem… Next person has a dog :dog2: