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The Prediction Game


Correct, that’s because I don’t have classes.

Next person has to present a project at school today.



Hold on, since some OGs were back, did they revive this or have I been not seeing this topic for quite a while?

Person under me agrees


No, I don’t agree because I have absolutely no idea. xD

I predict the next person is somehow connected to the recent uh… “Drama”?


i would love to be but its something Minecraft related and i don’t play Minecraft anymore

next person is triple gay


Your prediction was false. Sorry.

(How is this still going?)

Next person has been here since the post’s beginning.


I started it, so yes lol.

Next person has a dog. :dog2:



Betting the next person eats at somewhere fancy


Is Taco Bell fancy?

The next person has eaten at Taco Bell.


False, I should go there sometime though

Next person has never been to Canada


I have been to Canada. I almost live in Canada actually.

Next person hasn’t been to Mexico.


Next person is a tomato.


durr burger for the win

next person eats pizza


Next person plays Minecraft everyday for 4+ hours


Nope. I play minecraft every 3-4 months if that’s acceptable.

Next person is sick.


Nope, I’m not sick.

Next person has been to McDonalds at least once in their life


What McDonalds?
Next person has played Apex Legends at least once in their life :ohyeah:



Next person has been to school once in their life.



Next person replying to this topic have to put on “Miles Morales” profile picture on :wink:


Reverse card played.

Next person has at least been to a concert once



That’s not fair, you can’t deny my comment, therefore.