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The Prediction Game


Do I?

Betting the next person is hyped for a BliZZard x James x Romero fanfic


Not really

Next person thinks -11° Celsius/ 12.2 Fahrenheit is cold

And yes that’s the only thing I’ll be talking about from now on


No that’s not that cold
Next person knows only 1 language


Tidak benar

Betting the next person is sneaking out



Next person doesn’t have school on Monday


yea and I’m so happy
next person swears irl


Yup, that’s me

Next person likes chocolate


Not like, love

Next person has played a music instrument of some kind at least once in their life.


Violinist coming through

Next person has travelled overseas before


Sadly no.

Next person will share a secret with us.


Yes. @ohrangee567 is a traitor!!
Next knows is eating.


Stop exposing me

Next person doesn’t play on lifeboay anymore



next person doesnt play on lifeblyat anymore


True. I play Java Edition Mimeplex.
Next is a furry.


noooooooooooooooooo u

next person is alive


I’m very much dead.

Next person has a job.


tru, i work as a male stripper

next person has a body bag


How did you know?

Next person has a well in their garden.


who on earth uses a well i aint in the dark ages

next person has an actual samurai sword


Why would I have a samurai sword?

Next person drinks tea.