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The Prediction Game


Next person to reply will either predict or not predict the next person to reply



Next knows T-series will win but supports PewDiePie


Next person to reply watches youtube rlly often


Only T-Series

Next know T-series should have won.


False, and neither should Pewds

Betting the next person eats canned beans


Hey Ziq can you PM me some lore?

Yes I do

Next is popular in school


Well I know everyone and everyone knows me and I have quite a large circle of friends so yeah?

Next person thinks le le pons isn’t funny and she isn’t


Next person is… i dunno.


You got that right

Next person isn’t allergic to peanuts.


I’m allergic to human contact.

Next person hates being outside…


False. I love going outside. Nature is beautiful and interesting. It’s just my room is more comfortable.

Next person likes snow.


I live in Canada of course I do

Next person hates snow



Next doesn’t have snow



Next person hates winter


No lol

Next person loves summer


Hmmmm maybe.
Next person has a pc


chromebook so no

next person is dead on the inside


I know you want that ambulance to pick me up and take me on that ride, yeah.
Hoping that they don’t revive a … and bring me back to life, and you shot me down, (shot me down) shot me down,(shot me down) ,shot me down.
That’s all right. (buck, buck)
I Don’t Die.

Next is a tomato.


Next person is someone with a number in their username.


For the first time in a while theres a true.
Next person to reply has the alphabet A in their username