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The Prediction Game


i dunno…

Next person will definitely bully James more after seeing this picture:


We have an announcement.

Stop bullying.

I predict that the next person to reply loves summer more than winter.


False, I hate either

Betting the next person makes shaved ice using snow


Used to when I was a kid, now I don’t trust it.

Next person can’t wait for spring break


There’s no spring in the philippines, only summer break.

Next person likes apples


Nope, I like windows

Next has Win10


Before, but I re-installed Windows 8 because it’s slow.

Next person likes windows 8


grow up

Next has played agar.io


Grow up

Next person is waiting for Windows 10 Build 1903 (19H1 - Redstone 6)


Grow up, I have windows XP
(that’s a lie^)

Next plays agar.io



Next person plays Smash Bros.


True, I smash my bros to the ground. One of them is still recovering

Betting the next person is broke


nah bro i have full time job basically

next has more than 1k saved


how right you are :sunglasses: oh yeahhh :call_me_hand::money_with_wings::fire:

next person is breathing


False. I am hooh haah ing

Betting the next person has memes to share



Next person can beat shaggy.


easily i hate that meme lol

next person is shaggy


Not fund of the meme
Next person hates the shaggy meme



Next person did not know that @GTROMERO27 was a traitor and was trying to spread this game onto another servers forums! :open_mouth:

(This was a year ago and I’m joking, don’t take this seriously)


I’ll end you.