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The Prediction Game


You’d be correct

Next person plays Slay the Spire.


Next person knows about the Python coding language


Yep, sure do, used to study it quite a lot.

Next person is left handed, (I won’t stop asking that).


Lefty sux
Next person has used Python in the past


What’s Python?

Next person doesn’t have a laptop


I do

Next person just woke up


False. In a grave

Betting the next person has a grave set up



Next person dislikes chocolate.


Nope. I love chocolate.

Bet the next person loves ice cream.


Who doesn’t?

I bet the next person owns an NVIDIA Quadro GPU.


absolutely not

next person is pro in video games


False, im a semi pro

Next person failed their previous test


Lol, who doesn’t?

Next person knows that Azzer is my mom, Paul is my dad.


i thought i was ur daddy

next person eats pie


No, you’re my bae
And I’m not a pie.

Next person YEETS.


ya yeet

next person thinks theyre either really smart or really stupid


Yes, both. Depends on my mood when you talk to me.

Next person has a job.


im homeless

next person is communist


To the people I hate

Next dude yeets


Next person has VIP on lifeboat