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The Prediction Game


nope im that one guy who works against lifeboat

next person lives with tony stark


whos that i only know iron man

next person has played mc for 2 years


7 years already

Next person loves the famous indian dish, curry.



Betting the next person has memes to share


Not today

Next person is a potato


i am bread

next person is pie



Next person doesn’t exist in this world.


P e r h a p s.

Next person broke their New Year’s resolutions.


I have no New Years resolution. :thinking:

Next person has had too much sugar this week.


i think i’ve eaten at least thirty spoonfuls of sugar for the past five days

next person is bae


no I’m xd master
next person GO TO SLEEP


No I barely sleep.
Next does


False, I do not

Betting the next person eats borgurs



next person should 1v1 me in fortnite and lose


I don’t play that stupid game and that’s not a prediction…
Next is eating.


No, I’m not eating

Next hates fortnite


That is correft.
Next still loves MC.


Well yeah, I just got a java card

Next has played Lifeboat before XDDD


duh i wouldnt be here if i didnt

omae wa mou, shindeiru


Ummm what

Next is not a volunteer