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The Prediction Game


No, I’m JeroxCopy

Next person is the person that created this topic



Next person likes reading.


Do memes count?

Betting the next person drinks tea before coffee and after fizzy drinks


actually true holy crap

next person feeds on memes


Oh my…

Yeah, I feed on memes
Next person thinks xCattyy will never be legit about her hating James.



next person hates ships


I hate being shipped. But I finding shipping funny cause of the reactions.
Next person is eating pizza.


No way.

Next person… come on… has to be left handed.


Nope. i’m right handed, but I have a cousin who is left handed.

Next person like using pencil instead of ballpen


Mechanical pencil

Betting the next person likes the smell of ammonia


noooo i hate that smell especially my cats too
next person picks their nose


No. Well, I do with a tissue.

Next person hates fast food.


That is correct.
They’re fake…
Next likes fast food.


i can never resist chicken nuggets so ye

next person likes eating borger



Betting the next person eats cereal with orange juice


i used to once since i tried being basic lmao but gave up
next person you will try to make something you never had in the next week.


no u
next person watches friends.


False. I despise such sitcoms. I like the 80s sitcoms better

Betting the next person dips milk into cookies juice



Next person needs/wants money for something


Don’t we all?
Next person works/volunteers for lifeboat