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The Prediction Game


False. I sometimes used different things in which I will not name.
Next is a Furry.



next person is tho


Is tho? I don’t think I’m a tho. A furry, maybe.

Next person enjoys math.


That is correct. @PingingPie92 and I do!
You said “A furry maybe.” but said it really small and did < s > to line it out.
Next is a Pizza.


no im a donut

next person wants to eat
@ZiqTheMan planetside 2 is free


Already ate bekfast…
next person knows that Azzer is my mom and Paul is my father and Ultra is my other dad (on discord)


ik Ultra but idk who the hell the othe- nvm…
next person… You never kissed a boy.


I’m not even interested in boys…or anything romance related in general…

Next person has eaten something weird before


Have you ever tried fanta orange with a bunch from of ice cubes that were covered in salt combined with spicy sauce?

Next person wants me as their significant other


um no thats not happening. in your dreams lil boi.
but that still doesnt change the fact that you have not kissed a boy xCattyy
person below me has no idea what to expect


Yeah I’m 4 what does all this mean?

Next is 15



So? I don’t care if I haven’t, nor did I say I have.

Next person likes pandas


You mean fimio1?

Next has been a volunteer for Lifeboat



Next person thinks Paul is cool


Paul who. Chen?
Next has volunteered for lifeboat


nope i didnt want to lose my dignity

next person has epic games store or steam so add me on discord and lets play boi


hell yeah i have epic games and nope cant hop on discord
that was very obfuscate. but regarding to the statement you assert in a manner of a personal subject as a result of my utterance lets all dismiss from our minds from this nonsense
person below me enjoys being around people.


True, especially dead one

Betting the next person has a preset grave nearby


Yes, I attended your corpse party.

Next also did too


no u
next person is drinking soda