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The power of coding


inspect elements
press control shift


Uh why is that my profile lol


is testing


i was testing coding on chrome book


on settings


This coding is pretty easy and it is fake as well, your coding doesn’t made any changes that are visible to everyone, only to yourself.

To be frank, I’ve seen a lot of roblox players doing these type of coding just to get Free Robux


i know know


that the good part i mean i could get in trouble if it did make any change


but it dose work for seeing password that is cover is good part for taking using accounts that not yours or trying to seek a password that you forgot


It still won’t work, but if somehow you get access to any user’s account, you will strictly be blacklisted from forums, if I were you, I wouldn’t even display these kind of posts as they are misleading.


ok then


Using inspect element isn’t necessarily coding…


Though it can be an useful tool, I used it here and there while trying to find the right CSS selector the header icons.


Hmmm can you each me ? Please?


I can’t teach you how to use Inspect Element, it’s just a tool that shows you the HTML/CSS (and other things as well, but it’s the most obvious) of a page. It’s fun to mess around with but if you want to learn how to code in HTML/CSS there’s lots of places online to learn how.


wikiHOW is a good place to learn. I would also recommend https://codecademy.com


I actually started learning HTML/CSS on Codecademy lol. Took their SCSS course afterwards but imo it wasn’t very thorough. Pretty good place to start, but they do hound you to buy their Pro plans.


It’s how I learned most HTML and CSS. Xenforo also used CSS in it’s forum software so I had to learn it from that too.


ho ok that sound great


I don’t see the “power” of this?