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The Logs of a Mad Scientist


The following log transmission were found by workers in a derelict building that was set to be demolished. The technology inside were too advanced, suggesting a smarter kind of civilization had lived here before. It took days to recover what’s written here. Some are unrecoverable, but some are. The following are as shown.

Day XX, Year XXXX

“Well, today’s the day, I guess. After countless times, today’s the day that I can finally changes anything into human with the machine I built decades ago. People call me a mad man, messing with what’s natural for them. Anyway, monologue aside, here’s TS #1, a penguin I ‘borrowed’ from the ‘pen’. She’s nervous, I guarantee of that. Alright, let the working commence.”

Day XX, Year XXXX

“Yesterday’s testings had worked as I expected. TS #1 came out as a half penguin half human hybrid, with beak and all. As a side bonus, she can understand English well. Although she wasn’t all wrapped up after the interchange, so I had to throw in my lab coat nearby. Okay, here’s TS #2, my pet cat. I am taking notes here because she has a mouse that she recently caught, still alive presumably. Named him TS #3 for now. Testing TS #2 and TS #3 in progress.”

Day XX, Year XXXX

“I lost yesterday’s notes and a few others that I do not want to disclosure in a recent flooding of the building. Everything else is mysteriously intact though, including the machine and this log. Apparently, having two going in at once results in creating two at one go, instead of creating one abomination. It’s like you buy a piece of wood then saw it in half to reduce the cost. Anyway, I gave them clothing based on what happened to TS #1 and to no surprise, they understand what I said and have their characteristics. After a few more testings and profiling on them, I might consider naming them properly. Here’s TS #4, a [REDACTED].”

Day XX, Year XXXX

“Sheesh, TS #4 went haywire after the interchange. He was calm beforehand and then he snapped. I had to put it down and dispose of it somewhere. I had no idea what came through of it, so I decided to not use the machine until further notice. Anyway, I made a brief note of the rest of the test subjects a week after their transformation:

TS #1: Penguin

  • Able to make copies of self, claiming to be her ‘relatives’

(Side note: Had to transfer her ‘relatives’ to an inter-dimensional portal to avoid suspicion before, during and after profiling)

  • Easy to confuse her by overloading her head

  • Suffers from amnesia

TS #2: Catt

  • Tends to cheat on everything

  • Denies everything, a rebel in heart

TS #3: Mouse

  • Is a part demon not to mess with (few exceptions)

  • Interested in the secret government organization, specifically the CIA

(Side note: He already got accepted and is now in the highest rank of the organization in just a few days, and he’s just been created last week. Don’t want to know how)

As a memo, we might consider moving out of this place though, something’s up since the flood. Even they felt it too. From misplaced items to straight up vandalism of them. No one ever knew of my works, even TS #3’s colleagues.”

Day XX, Year XXXX

“What in the world!? We heard a continuous splash and it sounds like someone or something was snooping around inside for the past few nights. I recently set up cameras and motion detectors around the place, even the front door. As a precaution, I took some samples left by the ‘snooper’ to know it better. It might take days, but hope it’s worth the time.”

Day XX, Year XXXX

“A week has passed. A week of no answers. A week of continuous splashing. The thing somehow manages to avoid cameras and motion detectors. I might lose my mind here. But at least the samples are completed, so I can identify what we are dealing with. I decided to write it down here for future reference:


(The majority of the description is covered in smudge, making it impossible to read)

Well, we are doomed. We can’t get rid of this thing. We have no choice but to ex filtrate the area. TS #3 rigged up the place with explosives and traps found in the armory that I have no idea of its existence. TS #1 and TS #2 helped me packed everything up. We decided to escape using the inter dimensional portal, the same one I used to send TS #1’s ‘relatives’ away. As a safety precaution, I set the portal to self destruct the moment we go in to avoid anything that follows us.”

Day XX, Year XXXX (This is an audio log transmission. Looks to be transmitted from afar)

“The moment has come. It’s time to ex filtrate. TS #3 has the trigger in hand, ready to set the timer. TS #2 had to carry TS #1 because she can’t carry a heavy load, leaving me and TS #3 with them. As we head to the portal, we heard a splash from behind the transformation machine. It broke, revealing TS #4’s rotting corpse covered in the same stuff found prior. It gave a deafening shriek and charges at us in inhuman speed. We dashed through the portal while looking at TS #4 in flames from the rigged up place, still in full speed. TS #2 carried TS #1 to the portal, along with TS #3 after detonating the place. As I make my to it, TS #4 nearly grabbed me by the leg before spitting at the back as soon as I enter the portal. As expected, its self destruct mechanism worked like it should be. Looking around, we are on the open plains near a water source. We decided to make home here for now.”

Day XX, Year XXXX (This is an audio log transmission. Looks to be transmitted from afar)**

“It’s been a few weeks now, and all three decided to leave me to find food. I may be capable to survive on my own here, but TS #4’s spit attack damages me internally. I may not survive in a few days left, but I might teach them a few ropes. I made a few copies of these logs in the now burnt lab and the original here. Well, this is farewell for me. Signing out.”


At first, I thought this “Catt” creature sounded like it may have similarities to me, but…

…this wouldn’t be accurate…

Ok, so I am denying that the previously mentioned creature may be similar to me, but I don’t deny everything; I only deny what is false.




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This is actually so interesting, are you the mad scientist??? And iam very eager to know who or what TS#4 is