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The Lifeboat app could be improved, here are a few of my suggestions:


Hey forums!

I have a few suggestions to improve the Lifeboat app. I have noticed it is a little outdated and has a few flaws. I think a lot could be added to the apps functions. I think we should be able to access forums on the app, it gets a little tiresome to re log into my account online every single time I want to go on forums. The app would allow you to stay signed in.



Here is where you sign in with your Xbox account and forums account. When you click on this you will have the option to go to either your lifeboat profile and statistics or your forums profile and summery.


This should just direct you to your typical forums stuff! Nothing fancy.


Here will be the lifeboat leaderboards. Right now the Lifeboats apps leaderboards section is a little bit off. It’s automatically zoomed in and makes it slightly confusing. I think the app should look something more like the website when seen on a computer, such as this-

(If the text is too small for you, you should be able to zoom in)

Open Servers:

This can pretty much be the same but I suggest changing the background color OR text color, as certain parts are difficult to see because it’s white-on-white.


Pretty straight forward, just add the lifeboat support page.


Like on the website, this section will have a description of each game that lifeboat has to offer and how to play it.


I was thinking, like when on Lifeboat- this section should just tell you what you have purchased in game. Maybe this could even include the lifeboat store, as this app will be linked with your account. So you can make a purchase on the app aswell as in game.

Sign Out:

Here is where you can either sign out of your forums account or if you have an alt on your Xbox live you can see the stats for that.


So thats all I have to say, but I think my suggestions should be taken into consideration! If anyone else has suggestions on how the app could be improved feel free to comment down below! (Also I quickly made many of these edits, so if you agree with my proposal I would suggest you make it more visually appealing for the actual app😂 these are basically “rough sketches”.)

I don’t mean to say anything bad about the current state of the app. I just think it could be improved. I hope that other people agree with me and that the admins will see this and consider what I have said. :slight_smile:


Very well done!


The app isn’t in use anymore but nice suggestion! :))