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The Librarian Black Magic


Note: This was one of those things in my “to be completed” list, which are now nearly a year. Might go back in making more because of the new stuff being added

It was a normal day at the village. Farmers tending the crops, children playing around the village, and the villagers doing the usual routine. Me? I prefer to organise the library, or should I say, home. Sure, some don’t appreciate books, but at least they still come to check out what’s new once in a while, despite the merchant coming here weekly. He lives a few miles away, inside the temple. He usually brings a caravan of things to bargain with, resulting in a need for a second library for my storage.

One day, I was about to head into the forest to find some food when I overheard some villagers talking about seeing some sort of portal near the merchant’s home in a distance. I shrugged it off for now since I am in need of berries. A few days later, the merchant came with the caravan as usual. Other villagers and I swarm for something to bargain with. After obtaining a few books for my collection, something caught my eyes. A contraption with a flaming rod and an enchanting table.

“What do you want for those two off your hands?”

“The table and this contraption? Oh no, they are not for sale. I need them for my home. However, if you really want to use them, you can come and visit me via railway. Also, I don’t expect visitors like you often, so better introduce yourself first.”

A few days later, I decided to pay him a visit with ample provision in the carts. It’s a long and bumpy journey, but I manage to reach it at dusk. The temple is well lit and secured; walls around it, guards outside, and traps set up. Next to it is a portal made of obsidian, which support the statements of the villagers. I approach the gates and introduce myself, hoping the merchant would recognise me. As expected, he opens it and invites me inside.

“You are here to use the table and contraption, yes? I didn’t know you would come sooner as I was ready for another expedition to the portal. However, you are free to stay and use them till I come back. Make yourself home.”

He then gears up and enters the portal, leaving me at his home. Looking around, it’s how you would expect from a merchant’s house should be; lots of chest laying around, rare treasures hanging on walls, items stacked nicely. I navigate myself quite well to the library when I spotted the enchanting table in the middle. I did a few on my books and my robes. The magic aura pulsing around them already made me powerful. After I am done with it, I head off to see the contraption. It stood on a furnace, with three bottles attached to it. I found a sign that read:

”Brewing Stand

Potions in making: Unknown”

Unknown potions? What is he experimenting on? Without any doubt, I took one from the stand and take a sip. Bad move. A few seconds later, a bolt of lightning struck down on me, along with my books and robes nearby. I woke up disoriented, looking at the hole of the roof caused by the lightning. They are nowhere to be seen. All of my enchanted item, gone from the lightning. After getting my bearings back, whispers echo in my head, stating to take the rest of the potions. I tried to resist it, but I am not in control of my body, as if the potion creates its own mind, or worse. Fighting back is fruitless, I had no choice but let it do what it wants first.

I stepped outside the merchant’s house, now in smokes from the lightning strikes. I got a glimpse of myself from the windows of the house. Apparently, all of my enchanted items are fused together with me, books and robes altogether. I have this ‘thing’ on my nose, presumably the alter mind. My robes are pulsing with amplified magic aura and are in a darker shade than I had before. All of a sudden, ‘I’ spoke some ancient language to summon these little flying demons and underground spikes to attack the guards outside. They tore them up like they are nothing. Afterward, they swarmed into the portal and came back later with the severed head of the merchant. I lost consciousness as soon as I saw him.

Sunrise shone at me, indicating that I was out for the night. I checked my surroundings to verify it was a dream, which it wasn’t. Carnage everywhere, the merchant’s head beside me, the demons circling around me, demanding orders. ‘I’ ordered them t attack my village, having me as the harbinger, before collapsing. Soon enough, I woke up at the scene of burning rubble and lifeless villagers around, and the demons wreck havoc on what was once my village. I had no choice but to flee before the others came back from their routines.

Dusk followed, I am tired of running in the dense forest. As I thought all hope was lost, I saw a mansion in the middle of the forest. I dart into it, being greeted by one of the inhabitants inside. I asked if I can take refuge in here, and he insisted, as well as the others. I asked his name, and he replied with a simple answer.



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