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The forum staff need to be kind


Trainees go through some training before they graduate into a moderator. I believe in that period of time they will be taught how to behave. But if they don’t and cause trouble, action will be taken so no worries.


Actually, I feel this needs to be modified. As I said before, not everyone has access to the forums because not everyone KNOWS the forums. What I am saying is, a mod could harass someone in game and nobody here in the forums would know about it, so we couldn’t report it. The person harassed/ insulted would need to. The forums needs to be repeatedly advertised in chat, somewhere in the lobby, by an npc, literally ANYWHERE.


That would just be spammy


prime example of good humor


Please take a look at this :slight_smile:


Not if you had an npc for it.


Okay, what are you trying to say?