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The forum staff need to be kind


Heyo, not being biased or somewhat, but the mods have a point here, if you compare moderators from other forums to here, you would see a big difference. They might sound a little “too strict” or “bossy” because of their monotonous accent, they are still the nicest mods you will ever meet in a minecraft server forum. Though I would like a little improvement on the accent side and vocabulary, because big words just almost make me think that they “brag” about their really good vocabulary (Thanks @sath).

Yeah, that’s all I can say.


I said this once and I will say it again, but let’s be happy the moderators here are nothing like the ones on the Broken Lens forum. Dan (one of the customer support people here, won’t tag him though because he might be busy), went on their forums, and a few of the mods that are supposed to be professional attacked him because he was a mod at Lifeboat. If I recall correctly, a few of the members had to calm the moderator down.


That’s not true.


I’m not going to follow their rules if we’re not their priorities.


If you keep denying it, you’re just proving to us that you are one.


Can you suggest on how we can improve?


yay typical topic everyone complains about a problem and no one wants to solve the problem



The staff in general are alright, but depending on different things, they have mood swings.


Probably because of puberty


Yeh, good point!
I could say all of them are teenagers.
Or some of them.


Volunteers are kids/teenagers and staff are teenagers/young adults


There is actually a sizeable amount of adult volunteers on the team (most are university students, but some are older).


I have nothing against the staff. Just the pesky volunteer moderators. :wink:


Although, the staff could spend some time knowing which moderator to hire. There should be a behaviour test at the beginning of the recruitment. You know what I mean?


By saying volunteers, you’re referring to all types of volunteers (Testers, artists, translaters, etc)
So tell me: What do you have against us?


No, just the volunteer moderators.


K so same question: What do you have against them?
be specific, but don’t point fingers at anyone


I agree with Gottendesert. The forum staff has honestly been very kind even though some people have negative thoughts about them, and I’ve never once seen a forum mod be toxic toward another player, but if you have evidence of one doing so, please share.:slight_smile:


Don’t even try denying that.